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Consignor Home Decor


Home décor includes all furnishings that may be used to decorate or furnish your home. These include items such as pictures, mirrors, vases, lamps, rugs, floral to furniture items like chairs, tables, and cabinets. Please see below for items that should not be included. All items consigned must be of quality, like-new condition free from broken pieces, chips, scratches, missing parts, stains and without offensive odors, ie: musty or pet. All items will be inspected to ensure that only the highest quality is accepted.

Home Décor will be displayed by room type such as Family/Living, Kitchen/Dining, Bedroom, Bath and Outdoor. Additionally, items may be grouped according to style such as Traditional, Contemporary, Coastal, Cottage and Country and an area for Holiday Decor. Due to space constraints we are not able to accept too many large pieces of furniture however you may provide a picture with complete description and a portion of a set such as a nightstand if you are consigning a bedroom set. Small furniture items such as chairs, accent tables, ottomans, sofa tables are all acceptable.

Small appliances (coffee makers, hand-vacs, food processors, etc) are acceptable but must be in like new condition, in working order, and free of food. Fabric and Upholstered items must be clean per the manufactured instructions including slipcovers, chairs, pillows, etc. NOTE: HOME DECOR ITEMS WILL NOT BE SORTED.

Antique and Vintage Items:

Items that may be categorized as vintage, antique and items with character with a patina of age and time may be consigned. An older piece with a distressed finish or a hand painted item is acceptable as long as the item is not chipped, missing pieces, broken parts or affect its usefulness like broken glass in a framed mirror. An old item that has been reinvented into something new or shabby chic is welcome!

Upon drop off, your home décor items will be inspected and placed strategically on the sales floor by our decorating team.

Unacceptable Merchandise:

The following items may not be consigned due to logistical issues, value, or sanitary concerns:

  • Collectable figurines such as Hummel or LLadro, and any sterling silver items
  • Sheets, bed pillows, towels, blankets, shower curtains unless they are brand new, unused and in original condition
  • Plastic resin lawn furniture, flower shop vases, miscellaneous dishes,
  • Magazines, music CD’s, DVDs, and books unless they pertain to decorating, home maintenance, crafting or cooking
  • No electronics such as computers, TVs, printers, typewriters or large appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, grills, etc.
  • Mattresses, lamps without shades, Christmas lights unless they are new, luggage unless new, tools, beach gear, pool toys, and garden hoses/sprinklers

Tagging Your Items — Only Barcoded tags are accepted!

Please take care when affixing all tags with tape that may ruin the finish of the item. Please try not to cover the bar code with tape. All Home Décor items should be printed using the on line tagging system with the correct categories as listed under the heading Home Décor. Please include a complete description that includes all pieces if there are multiple items that go together (like a lamp with shade)when possible you may also affix the tag with a ribbon by punching a hole in the tag with a hole puncher. There are no current limits of items in the Home Décor Sale.

Please refer to the Consignor Homepage for information on how to input inventory and print tags.

When considering items to consign at the Home Décor Sale please bring the highest quality, gently loved items. Redecorating a room, downsizing, or conducting an estate sale are all reasons to consign at the Home Décor Sale. Please contact us if you have a question about the acceptability of an item. Additionally, if you are in need of a transporting bulky items/ furniture to (or from) the Sale please contact us to make arrangements with our professional movers for a small additional fee.

It is the responsibility of the consignor to sort and pick up any items left at the end of the Home Décor Sale. Items left without making arrangements for pick up become the property of L & K Consignments. Additionally, while we make every effort to safeguard valuables and ensure items are handled with care, the Sale is not responsible for damaged, broken or missing items. Please consider this when consigning items of value.

Additionally, if you are in need of a transporting your larger items to (or from) the Sale please contact us to make arrangements with our professional movers for a small additional fee.
Please have your items sorted by category before dropping off. Please allow at least 30 minutes for us to inspect your items. Please understand, we may return items to you that are not in their best condition, damaged, or meet our guidelines. This is at our discretion. Please CONTACT US if you have any questions regarding drop off.

NO EARLY PICKUPS! HOME DECOR WILL NOT BE SORTED PRIOR TO PICK UP. If you are unable to pick up your items during this time it is your responsibility to make other arrangements with someone to pick up for you, Please email us for that person picking up your items will need proof for security, or your items will be donated. If possible, please bring a copy of your "Unsold Inventory" with you in order to ensure that all items are collected. No printing will be available the day of pick up! PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU NEED ADDITIONAL ASSISTANCE WITH COORDINATING YOUR PICK UP.

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