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Consignor Information


Welcome to The Kids Sale! We are excited that you are interested in joining us and we welcome you to register online. The following are the guidelines for The Kids Sale that will be required to agree to in order to register. Remember, we promote this as an upscale consignment sale so choose your items carefully.

By consigning with us, you will automatically earn 65% of your sale but can earn 70% of your gross sales if you volunteer at least 4 hours! Want to earn MORE? You can earn more by volunteering more during our Sale! Please visit our volunteer info page for more details. Scheduling is easily done upon registering. Volunteers also get to shop early during our Preview Sales! Spouses and teenage children are invited to volunteer as well.

There is a non-refundable consignor fee of $10.00. Your payment is due at the time of registration. You will be directed to PayPal immediately when registering. This will allow us to expedite your registration and allow you immediate access to your inventory so you can begin tagging For Two Sales in One--The Kids Sale AND our Home Decor Sale.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

Easy steps to get started:

1) Register online (new or returning consignor) to receive your 4-digit consignor number and password.
2) Gather and organize the items that you want to sell.
3) Login to your Consignor homepage to enter your item, description, and price.
4) Print your tags for the items you entered. Attach your tags to your items using the methods suggested below.
5) Bring your items to the sale during our drop-off times having your items organized will help expedite this process.
6) As a consignor, plan to volunteer throughout the sale to get to shop earlier than others!
7) Pickup your unsold items during our pick-up times or allow your items to be donated to charity.
8) Receive your earnings via private electronic transfer or check within 2 weeks of the close of the sale.


Our guidelines have been established based on sale trends and customer and consignor feedback. The Kids Sale focuses on QUALITY, not QUANTITY and while our sale has grown in size, we don’t want it to outgrow its quality!

The Kids Sale prides itself on being an upscale sale with quality, name brand children's items. In an effort to insure these standards are maintatined there will be a limit on the number of items that may be consigned. Items must be current in fashion, style and free of stains , tears, damage or excessive wear. The Kids Sale reserves the right to pull an item in order to insure the highest quality items are placed in the sale.

Returning consignors may transfer their previous inventory to the current Sale, however, please note that the system automatically deletes items that have not been sold or adjusted in the past 2 years.

We will be accepting all children’s sizes. Boutique brands, Gymboree and Gap styles sell very well. Clothing should be clean, pressed, and on hangers.

New for the Spring sale - Teen and Women's clothing and accessories will be accepted. These items MUST be quality, brand name CURRENT STYLE items. 

TIP: Button all buttons; fasten snaps and iron wrinkled clothing for a greater presentation of your clothing.

ITEM LIMITS: There is a limit of 350 clothing items and 500 total items for Kids Sale and no limit to items for like new Home Decor The only restriction on clothing items per category is maternity.   Please limit Maternity clothes to 25 of your best quality items.  The Sale only accepts undergarments in NEW condition with tags. Due to quality control, used socks and tights will only be accepted in like new or new condition.

Please Note: Boutique Clothing will be identified by a pink or blue curling ribbon tied to the hanger and placed amongst the appropriate size. This will allow your Boutique Brand clothing to stand out, but not be missed if placed with various sizes on a different rounder. Please make your ribbon ONLY boutique brands—Gymboree is not a boutique brand.


To ensure quality, only your best toys will be accepted. Toys must be in good, safe condition and include all pieces and working batteries. We will be inspecting toys to determine their quality and condition. Secure toys with additional pieces in a bag secured to the main toy. Make only ONE TAG per item and place inside the clear bag. Please lightly tape your tag to the bag to keep it secure. We will not accept items that have been either recalled or deemed unsafe by the Product Safety Commission. Please refer to the below websites to ensure product safety.

High Demand Items:

  • Large toys such as play kitchens and outdoor play sets must be clean and in good condition
  • LEGOs, Playmobil, Mega Blocks and other classic toys (include directions when possible)
  • Train Tables and other table type or storage furniture
  • Ride-on toys (must have working battery--buyers want to know that it works OR must price accordingly if battery needs replacing)
  • Character toys--Thomas, Star Wars, Cars, American Girl, Princess, Barbie, Littlest Pet Shop, Pokemon, Bakugons, Beyblades...
  • Current video games-- Wii, Playstation, XBox, Nintendo, PSP (best to tape case closed)

Toy and Book Guidelines:

  • Stuffed animals are limited to familiar brands/characters ONLY.
  • Please thoroughly wash or wipe down your toys.
  • Books that are grouped together by either series or related content sell well. Books must be in new to like new condition. Buyers do not want to purchase worn books—please donate those to a local preschool or school.
  • DVDs and video games should be in their original cases.
  • VHS tapes will not be accepted as current technology does not warrant a demand for them.

Baby Equipment/Furniture

Strollers, joggers, baby swings, jumperoos, walkers, high-chairs, booster seats, exersaucers, bouncy seats, doorway jumpers, cribs (NO drop side rail cribs will be accepted--NO exceptions), toddler beds, bassinets, changing tables, and other children's furniture. Car seats must be less than 5 years old. NOTE: Sellers are responsible for assembling all cribs, beds, pack-n-plays and playpens they bring during drop-off.

All items must be clean (free of food and other stains), in excellent working order and must not have been recalled. Secure tags with heavy tape or zip ties so they cannot be pulled off. Batteries must be included, if needed, to ensure working condition. Include manuals/instructions if possible as this helps in selling the item.

Items we DO NOT Accept:

We cannot accept drop side rail cribs, battery operated toys without batteries, previously worn underwear, open pacifiers, used baby bottles, nipples or diapers, baby formula or food, adult clothing other than maternity, recalled items, items that may include lead, car seats more than 5 years old, or anything worn out or with missing or broken pieces.

Consignors agree not to sell any items that have been recalled. For a list of recalled items please visit this website, Consignors agree not to sell any items that may contain lead. Please refer to this website for safety product information for resellers.

Tagging Your Items — Only Barcoded tags are accepted!

We utilize an online tagging system using bar codes. After you register and pay your participation fee you can begin to enter your inventory online. The system is very user friendly and you will be able to print your own tags, track your sales during the event and register for future events. NO handwritten tags will be accepted. Returning consignors can move any unsold inventory from previous Kids Sales to the current sale—see below.

As we will be scanning your items into our system for you to monitor your sales, it is important to have a readable tag. When printing your tag it is very important to remember to:

  • Make sure your black ink cartridge has plenty of ink or is new.
  • Print your tags on white or light colored cardstock of 65lb weight (recommended to be the most sturdy and readable), available at Target or Walmart for a reasonable price. NO DARK COLORED CARD STOCK PLEASE.
  • Make sure you cut your tags on the proper line to ensure a proper tag. They will print 10 tags/page. Safety pin in the blank space above the description.

Discount: Part of Saturday's sale will be 50% off select items. If you want your items sold at 50% off please indicate "discount" when you are creating your tags in the online system. All items remain in the sale regardless of being discounted or not. If you change your mind after printing your tag, you must reprint a new tag.

Donate: If you would like to donate any unsold item, mark the "Donate" option during the tagging process. This will allow you to choose which item(s) you want to have automatically donated at the conclusion of the sale. If you plan to "Donate" your unsold items, PLEASE be sure that you have also made your items discounted to ensure a chance to be sold first.

IMPORTANT: You must have your inventory completed and your tags printed by 10pm February 7th (the day before drop-off). The information will be uploaded to our system to be used at the sale. PLEASE have your tags completed or the item(s) may not be consigned. The system will be inactive at 10:00pm February 7th.

Valet Tagging: We can assist you in tagging and pricing your items. Valet Tagging does include any Home Decor items. You will earn 50% of your sales when using this service. Please email to schedule this service, as limited spots are available and some restrictions apply.  It will be the responsibility of the consignor to deliver the items to the sale once valet tagging is complete. Spots are limited.

How to TAG your items - After you have registered and paid…
  1. A new window will open up in Activities: Here you will be able to manage your account, enter your inventory, create your tags, and view your sales. In the future, you may also register here. To begin creating your tags, you will login to the Consignor Homepage; enter your consignor number and password.
  2. Select "Work with Consigned Inventory." Next, select the option, "Work with my Consigned Items." Here you can begin creating your tags. Remember to choose whether you want your items discounted or donated. All items will remain for sale whether discounted or not.


Returning consignors who want to move their inventory from a previous Kids Sale to the current sale should login and follow the steps below:
1. Select "Work with Consigned Inventory" (a new screen will open up)
2. Then select "Work with Inactive Inventory" (your previous inventory will appear)
3. You can now select from the provided options to move all or specific items into the Upcoming Sales' inventory. You can also delete items that have already been sold or that you no longer plan to sell.


When entering your item description, please include a detailed description on your tag so that we can match up any lost tags with your items if needed and ensure no tags have been switched. (For example: Gap red dress w/ flowers Size 6). ONLY ONE TAG PER ITEM/SET.

  1. Please place your tag on the left side of the item. (If you were wearing the item it would be placed over the heart area.) Secure the tag with a safety pin. Items secured with a straight pin or tagged with stickers cannot be accepted.
  2. Please hang items facing left, such as sets, tops and dresses on hangers. Items that will be accepted folded are knit tops, sweaters, pants, shorts, bathing suits and small baby items. Your items will show better if they are on a hanger and ironed. Table space is very limited so please help us by following this guideline.
  3. Shoes must be in excellent condition and secured together with heavy string, ribbon, zip tie or placed inside of a ziploc bag. Attach the tag to the zip tie or with heavy clear tape to the inside heel of the shoe or tape it to the bag. Make sure the description is detailed on the tag in case the item gets separated from the bag.
  4. Please place sizes on your tags in number size, not S, M or L. (S, M, or L is okay for maternity clothes.)
  5. Please sort your clothing by gender and size and ensure the item is properly tagged before dropping off. Due to the number of consignors, it is important to be able to place your items on the floor as quickly as possible.
You must retag your item(s) if you make any changes to the price or discount option after printing. These are embedded into the barcodes and will not transfer when changed.

Dropping Off Items

Drop off for ALL Consignors will be on February 8 from 10am-4pm.  Contact the sale at for early drop off.

Please have your items sorted by category, gender, and size before dropping off. Please allow at least 30 minutes for us to inspect your items and to assist in placing your items on the sales floor. Please understand, we may return items to you that are not in their best condition, out of date or damaged. This is at our discretion. Please email if you have any questions regarding drop off.

If you are planning to pick up any unsold items, you are encouraged to bring a large cardboard box or plastic bin with your last name and consignor number labeled so that we may sort your unsold items in your bin. We may utilize this bin during our sale as well.

Picking Up Items - 

NO EARLY PICKUPS, ONLY PEOPLE VOLUNTEERING TO SORT WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING. If you are unable to pick up your items during this time it is your responsibility to make other arrangements with someone to pick up for you. Please email us for that person picking up your items will need proof for security, or your items will be donated. We will do our best to have items organized by consignor number for you to pick up. If possible, please bring a copy of your "Unsold Inventory" with you in order to ensure that all items are collected. No printing onsite will be available the day of pick up!

Any items that are left will become the property of Three Little Wonders, LLC and will be donated. Unfortunately, we will not be holding any unsold/unclaimed items. Please ensure you have received all your unsold items before leaving.

NOTE: This has traditionally been our busiest time. This is often a result of lack of volunteers dedicated to helping sort ALL items—not just their own. We will have a sorting guideline sheet for volunteers to review, if volunteering for that day. WE NEED as many volunteers as possible. Community service hours can be earned for helping collect our donated items. Please contact us if interested.

The Kids Sale Gives Back:

Our designated charity for the Spring Sale is Hearts Helping Others of Seminole and Orange Counties. The Sale  is always looking for a local group or charity that could benefit from donated items. Please let us know if you have a strong recommendation.

Helpful Hints

  • Toys are very popular and when grouped together as a set and when priced to sell, they move even more quickly. LEGOs, Playmobil, character toys are very popular and in high demand at our sales!
  • Group as many items as you can together in a set. For example, many designers have several pieces of clothing in the same "line." Pairing items together in sets with accessories brings more money to the consignor and is convenient to our shoppers.
  • The best presentation of your items will earn you the most money! Be sure to iron those clothes that show excessive wrinkles.
  • Bedding only sells well if in Like-New condition and name brand. Hanging your bedding also lets consignors see it's condition better.
  • Toys and Books continue to be high sellers so be sure to tag those items first. If tagging lots of books, you can enter your description as "Book--softcover" and enter a higher quantity for the number of books you have. That way you won't have to enter every title. HOWEVER, if the tag is not secured well and becomes detached, it is harder to find the consignor it belongs to.
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